Why choose us?

Beaulieu Fabrics is an established upholstery fabrics brand since 1959. A wide range of yarns, such as chenille, bouclé and many other fancy yarns are used to create a large variety of textures, looks and designs. Inspired by international trends, our highly skilled design team continuously creates new collections that are sold all over the world.

Built on a great tradition, Ragolle Fabrics offers a wide variety of traditional and transitional iconic designs with a unique identity. Our innovative super-soft-double-tumble finishing gives our chenille fabrics the rich luster and velvet-like handle that has become the Ragolle trademark.

Beaulieu Fabrics and Ragolle Fabrics share the same values. We believe that good design should at all times serve purpose and function. Sustainability and durability are key to us. This way, our partners know they can offer their customers a comfortable and lasting home experience.



Although Beaulieu Fabrics and Ragolle Fabrics each have a dedicated and passionate design team, both brands are united in the quest for innovation. Focusing on the very latest trends , we aim to provide an extensive range of high quality and trendy fabrics along with a professional and personal service to our valued customers.

Impeccable on-time service and high quality products are our top priorities. Happy customers make us happy!

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